Int’l Maritime Consulting & Suppliers’ Representative





As independent business representative for B2B companies, ECKS MARINE’s primary role is to seek out and build new business channels, and be the main point of contact for all principals within identified territory. Act as a Trusted Advisor to all customers, prospects, and partners through consistent, efficient, and accurate communication, and follow up. Be the liaison between all principals and clients in the territory and organization including: Customer Service, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Product Development.



Our Vision

To help Clients to grow into new markets.

To offer Customers affordable solutions and economic benefits.

To ensure that every customer who engages with us, does so smiling.

Our Mission

At ECKS MARINE, our mission and values are focused on outcomes. We sell products, services and solutions to help our clients succeed. We create opportunities for success through trusted and reliable partnerships.



Our Values

We achieve our goals by always showing Respect and Compassion, by Listening to our clients and customers, and through Continuous Innovation. We are passionate about building a strong, long-lasting client relationship.



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